Spongebob GIF

For another Daily Create assignment we were also tasked with creating another gif around one of my favorite drinks, coffee! For regular coffee drinkers being talked to in the morning before coffee and being grumpy is pretty relatable. Another very relatable topic is of course the famous Spongebob, so why […]

Boat GIF

This was one of The Daily Create assignments that I completed during the semester. We had to create a gif using public from the sources provides. Again not being very technologically savvy making a GIF scared me but I was able to figure it out. I just used two still […]

Twitter Bot

For the assignment we were supposed to make a twitter bot. Not being very good with technology I was a little wary about this assignment but, after a little playing with it I was able to get it. The idea around my bot is that everybody needs a little encouragement […]

Squeak on the Water

In connection with my previous post, here is the output of the assignment we created. For the class we were required to not only create an assignment but make an example as well. I took the classic song Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple and added some squeaky sounds […]

Mashup Assignment

For this assignment we were tasked with creating an assignment for other people to complete. The assignment had to incorporate sound in some way and connect it to the idea of “The Cover”. I decided to create an assignment based on musical covers because that is what I was most […]

Hello world!

Hello World! My name is Olivia Taylor and I am a Communications and Digital Studies Major at The University of Mary Washington. I am a coxswain on the rowing team for the school. This page is a collection of some of my work from my time as an undergrad!